Sunday, 20 April 2014

False Panna Cotta

This is my light version of panna cotta. I used to do this a lot  as a daily dessert. 
If you reach the right point of sweetness to cancel the yogurt acidity, it really taste like cream.
Vanilla bean scraped and heaten up into the milk will give a wonderful flavour, as well as a lovely dotty look. Sometimes I use Alpro soy milk to replace the bean and still have a vanilla-like taste.

170 g greek yogurt
150 ml milk
sugar to taste
3 gelatine leaves (6 g circa)

raspberries and rose water to garnish

Bring the milk to a slow boil, when bubbles appear turn off the heat and add the jelly. Let cool a bit.
Wisk the greek yogurt until smooth, add sugar to taste. Add the milk and wisk well. Put in the fridge until firm.

(Makes 2)

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